Design and planting plan

Design & planting planThe first step to a full garden design is to arrange for an initial consultation. This usually takes a  minimum of two hours and is chargeable.

During the consultation, your requirements and your site will be discussed. You will be helped to decide what design principles and styles are suitable for your garden.

You will also be able to view Barbara’s design portfolio showing examples of current and previous client commissions.

At the end of the consultation, you should have a clearer idea of the possibilities for your garden and be in a position to commission a full design.

Depending on the size of garden, Barbara may be able to quote the cost of the design fee on the day of the consultation. In all cases there will be a written confirmation of the cost and deliverables.

The final design will be hand drawn on paper in scaled detail. Before committing to the final version, Barbara will normally include a review on site to confirm details.

Extra copies of the plan can be made so that prospective contractors can provide you with their costs.

If you wish, Barbara can oversee the installation on a consultancy basis to monitor that the design integrity is being maintained.